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Are you a builder and/or developer looking for technical support and guidance? Do you want to work with someone who offers a knowledgeable, flexible, hands on approach, fulfilling your need as a structural warranty provider?

More than 2,500 builders and developers have joined our register to access to the most comprehensive range of New Homes Warranties and Building Control services available and you can join them.

If this is the your first time applying for a warranty then understanding what’s involved is vital to make sure you get the cover that’s right for your development.

If you’re developing sites for New Homes or Social Housing then you will need to register with us. This is simple to do and you must remain registered with us during the build and defects period by registering annually.

 What are the benefits to you? 

  • Free technical advice and a copy of our Technical Manual
  • Access to our national network of Surveyors
  • Access to our expert team of Building Control Consultants who can work with you to determine key considerations before you start to build. Saving you time and money.
  • Dedicated account management
  • Provision of Building Control and Structural Warranty in one package and one point of contact
  • Use of the Premier Guarantee ‘Registered’ logo – giving piece of mind to future purchasers that the development is covered by a leading provider
  • Access to free training courses and seminars held across the country
  • Use of our free Foundation Depth Calculator
  • Free marketing materials

 Have you used Premier Guarantee before or are you a new customer?

New customers will need to complete our application form and return it to us for review. The process is simple and we take into consideration your experience, qualifications and the structure of your business in order to give you the best rating possible.

Registration is valid for a twelve month period and must be maintained throughout your liability period.

If you are a Developer or Builder registering for the first time the fee is £500, this reduces to £350 in the subsequent registration years. Registration is required to be maintained during the company’s build and liability periods.

Download our application form today